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About Us

Hi & welcome to Royalti! 

I am so happy you have found us! I started this company in 2016 with great passion and understanding for women and the many ups and downs we go through on the daily. As a wife to the man of my dreams and a mom to 3 of the best humans on this planet, I found myself as "hun" or "mom" all the time and wondered where Sam went! I knew there had to be other women out there that felt my same way and that were living in their athleisure clothes all day, whether they'd been to the gym that day or not. I never knew I could actually love the gym so much or running a business! That's where I found Sam again!! 

Royalti is a place where when you've tried one of our bras or something from our store, it's not just another piece of clothing in your drawer. When you've purchased from Royalti, or just like the things you see, you've joined our tribe! A tribe of women all across the world that love and support and understand you! Through the amazing tool of social media, we get to be friends and get to know each other better! I get to learn of your story and share mine and many other women's stories as well! It's always a place of happiness, positivity, support, understanding, and cheering each other on through this journey called life! 

Thank you for being here, and I cant wait to see you on our Facebook group & Instagram too! There is where we get to connect closer and have some serious fun!!! 

I appreciate you, and please always know that YOU MATTER & YOU ARE AMAZING!!!



Samantha Williams

Owner @ Royalti